The Window is a powerful tool that GATES could manifest within The Banestone's Pocket Universe.

Strongly implied to be directly related to the Eternity Spire it could share with the Banestone rocker information, visions, and even "memories" or their "true self."

The Window was later revealed to have been a complete fabrication by GATES, its intention being to convince the Banestone rocker to aid his quest to "repair" the world.

Visions Edit

Drakyl, the former Dragonstone rocker saw himself as a United States Postal Carrier, as well as visions of firearms, notably the flintlock musket he used against Kyri Thunderhead.

Jon saw himself as an Investment Banker, gaining advanced knowledge of economics and finances.

Cole saw herself as a social outcast, much to her horror.

Trivia and Misc. Edit

Cole originally saw herself as an overweight couch potato, with an addiction to "Big Ass" Potato Chips. This was later retconned, as the author jettisoned the "lesson" this was supposed to teach to advance the plot.