The God At The Eternity Spire was a sinister and manipulative apparition, trapped within The Banestone and visible only to its rocker. GATES sought to re-unite The Banestone and The Endstone at the Eternity Spire, which would allow him to "fix" the world.

History Edit

GATES was once Doctor Simon, lead scientist for Special Project In Reality Enhancement, intended as a wish-granting machine for the betterment of humanity. Due to Simon's impatience, the SPIRE failed catastrophically, triggering the Apocalypse and creating both The Overstones and Stoners. Simon himself was trapped within The Banestone, forced to watch for thousands of years as the remnants of society struggled to rebuild.

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Trivia and Misc. Edit

  • Doctor Simon's title, "God At The Eternity Spire (GATES)," was originally "God Of The Eternity Spire (GOTES)." It was changed after readers commented that Simon resembled Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft.